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Berry Lash Lounge

What to expect


Up keep

  • Maintenance is a key factor. Fill services must be done within 2-3 weeks (no more than 21 days)
  • New Full sets of lash extensions are required to be redone every 2-3 months


  • Say bye bye to mascara
  • Stay away from waterproof eye liners 
  • No water the first 48 hours of your new set

After Care

  • After care is essential. Making this a good habit will only improve the longevity of your lashes. 
  • Making sure you cleanse your lashes by removing any oils and build up. 
  • We offer after care in store

About Us

At Berry Lash Lounge we specialize in eyelashes. This is not an add-on service but our main focus. We offer six different sets, pop of color add ons,

and Lash lifts + tint. 

Berry Sets we offer 

Whether you are a natural doll or a glamours doll,

We have the perfect set for you.

  • Berry Set
  • Classic Set
  • Ravishing Set
  • Volume Set
  • Cleo Set
  • Royalty Set
  • Lash lift+ tint 

Deposit Policy

 We require a $35 deposit to secure your appointment with us. This deposit is non-refundable. Credits may apply if appointment is rescheduled before the 24 hours of your original appointment.

Berry lash Foam cleanser

Our Berry Lash foaming cleanser is made with love for lash extensions and formulated to deep clean your lashes in gentle way. Keeping them looking fabulous and clean. Enhancing the overall life of the lash extensions.

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What are you waiting for? Book an appointment for the berry experience today 

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